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BlooCue is the latest social media craze that promotes location based public messaging.  You can post messages associated with your current location or pick a specific location on a map.  You can view messages within the selected map region and filter messages based on tags.  Interested in receiving notifications for messages within a certain region?  Set up a notification criteria and when posts are generated that match the criteria you will be notified.


This is a great tool for reaching people who are not following you on other social media apps. 


Inform people you have lost a dog or found a dog.

Promote a school carwash or other fundraisers.

Alert citizens of a wild animal sighting.

Advertise a garage or yard sale.

Notify people in the community of an open house.

Announce a gathering location for a runners or hiking club.


The opportunities for public posts are endless.  Create your own tag to share with your friends and everyone can post location based events.  All we ask is that you keep it clean!



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